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My son was age 5 (March 4,1992 @ 4:00PM ) and he was diagnosed with A.L.L. Luekemia. Today he is 31 years old and I never have told him to his face he is my hero .....Believe it or not I have not done this because I will cry so hard it will make him cry, and I cannot let that happen to him again. He went through enough tears as a little kid !

I am not sure I can explain the sorrow and the effect it has on a mother (my wife) and the 3 other children we have at the time of this event. My son survived by the grace of his help from others !
We saw many kids that did not survive and my thoughts are with these kids even today!

I am not a writer or author, but suffice it to say that we support Children's Hospital in Detroit even today and the "great doctors" and "special nurses" of the wing floor 6 "North West" of that Oncology department.

Thank you for reading my story, maybe not so unique, but he is a bigger hero to me and will always remain this way to me.
Respectfully Submitted

John A. Gartner

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