Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Alexandria Knox

Date Added

October 31st, 2016


Camp Summit, Special Needs Camp, Paradise, Texas






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“You don't have to have sight to see the world and changes needed for the disabled.”

Born a twin, weighing a pound and a half, Alexandria already had a tough uphill fight. Due to an increase in oxygen while in the NNICU, her retinas detached and she was totally blind from birth. Life has never been easy. As a I was a single mother for many years, my daughter, Alexandria didn't have everything she needed, but her blindness did not stop her from reaching out for her goals. The greatest challenge she faces is being thought of as "that blind girl" and never being given the chance to prove her capabilities without people assuming because she cannot see, she also cannot work. Instead, she has forced herself forward by living alone in many different States. She learned how to play the trumpet and bagpipes and volunteered her services for live performances of Taps at funerals of veterans. Recently, while living in Manchester, New Hampshire, she is now determined to become a voice in politics and ran for local Alderman and Representative. While she did not succeed this time, she plans to run again. It is her voice she wants to share and prove that people with different abilities are not throw away people and deserve every chance and every opportunity as everyone else. Alexandria is passionate in her desire to make a difference by helping people become self supporting members of society without dependence on government handouts and benefits. It is something that touches her when she sees people with her disability shut away in group homes and facilities, knowing that is not the place for them. Depression and the use of psychotropic drugs is an unfortunate effect of this warehousing. While she is not there yet, she is speaking through the political system in order to make her voice heard. That is why she has one of the strongest characters I know. She is also my hero and always will be.