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The CLA members volunteer their time to raise money for a local breast cancer center. They show true character by coordinating the region's largest open Fishing Tournament and dedicating their time to raise money for breast cancer patients. The funds are used for under or un-insured breast cancer patients who otherwise wouldn't have been able to receive these very necessary services. It's very important to these ladies to keep the funds local and stay engaged with their charity so they are involved in how the funds are spent. They also support other local fishing organization's charities and are currently working with a youth angler to assist her in coordinating a youth fishing club.

Andrea has been a member of the CLA for 21 years, she has served as the Tournament Director for the past 20 years. Andrea works full-time and volunteers her time with the CLA. She is extremely passionate about the CLA and works very diligently, on her own time, to coordinate their annual Fishing for the Cure Tournament. Andrea works directly with the club's sponsors to ensure their support is appreciated and noted. She also serves as a leader in the club by organizing speakers for club meetings and setting up activities for the club members to participate in as a group.

Andrea has impacted many lives by her hard work and dedication to the CLA. She has touched the lives of hundreds of breast cancer patients by her work with the annual Fishing for the Cure Tournament. She impacts each member by taking the time to build relationships and coordinate activities for the members and their families to attend.

I admire Andrea's dedication and commitment to not on the CLA but to the community. She works tirelessly to coordinate the annual Fishing for the Cure Tournament to ensure it is a success. She always strives to make each year's event better and more successful. This year's 20th annual tournament was the most successful so far. The club will be able to donate $15,000 to their charity as a result.

It would mean that the CLA could give back more the community and broaden it's efforts. The CLA would setup a separate fund with the $50,000 donation to assist women get mammograms, treatment and after care services. They would be able to assist so many more people in our community, it would be a life changing event in the lives of so many people.

In addition to her volunteer time with the CLA, Andrea also volunteers with the Water's Edge Great Dane Rescue. She spends most of her free time serving as a volunteer in the community.

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