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Since founding Puppy Rescue Mission in 2010, Anna and her volunteers have rescued 2,000 dogs and cats from Afghanistan and other war zones and reunited them with their soldier's in the USA. She has faced many roadblocks in her path but has managed to go around them. Puppy Rescue Mission was founded by Anna after her then fiancé, now husband, contacted her to tell her that the base where he was headed in Afghanistan had a number of street dogs that the soldiers had befriended on the base. One night, a suicide bomber entered the base. 3 of the dogs attacked him and he blew himself up. One dog was killed and another injured. Thru Anna's fundraising, the remaining dogs and their puppies were rescued and brought to the USA. Word got around and soldiers started contacting Anna and thus, PRM was founded. Anna's mission of rescuing the cats and dogs from war zones for their soldiers has never waivered.

To fundraise and help rescue the animals our military men and women bond with in war zones.

The motto of Puppy Rescue Mission, founded by Anna is "Soldiers saving puppies-Puppies saving soldiers." Anna knows the importance these dogs are in our soldier's lives by giving them a sense of normalcy in a difficult place, providing therapy, love and maintaining their compassion. She has made a huge difference for our soldiers and their families, her volunteers and anyone who loves animals and supports our military.

Her kindness and compassion towards animals and our military. She has done so much for them.

I believe the money, which is greatly needed, would allow Anna and PRM to bring many more animals out of horrific conditions in war zones and countries that look upon dogs as vermin, it would provide medical care, transportation and help families who have adopted PRM dogs deal with any issues that may come up with the animal.

She has helped so many and can help so many more. She saw a problem and a need and figured out a way to help.

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