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Annette has spent 22 years of her life devoting every moment of everyday to the orphaned and injured wildlife brought to her for care. Over 60,000 have been raised or healed and released back to the wild.

Annette has a saying: "We all Suffer the Same". Annette has based her rescue to help the voiceless animals who have no one to care for them. She wrote in one of her poems: "I am an Animal Rescuer My work is never done, My home is never quiet My wallet is always empty But my heart is always full".

Annette takes in volunteers and makes them family. Some are disabled, some are PTSD Veterans, and some who have just lost their way and need a helping hand finding their way back. She has saved just as many humans lives as she has the wild lives and inspires more than she will ever know.

Annette has a heart of gold, and doesn't know how much love she gives to others. I see her heart break daily over and animal or even a human that she can't save. She has been told that she is a Saint, but she is too modest to see herself in that light.

The money would be used to build new caging and expand the facility. Wild Heart Ranch takes in around 5,000 animals a year and always needs more room and more cages.

Annette never takes a day off. She is always working or trying to raise money for her rescue. She paints wildlife portraits and writes books and poetry to sell to raise funds for the nonprofit. She doesn't take a paycheck, and donates everything she raises to Wild Heart Ranch.

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