Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Bernie Berlin

Date Added

August 20th, 2015


A Place to Bark






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“Building a place where every animal lives and is loved... Never to die needlessly.”

There are no words that can truly describe Bernie Berlin and the work she does saving death row dogs from high kill shelters... dogs that have been left as the real walking dead. Only the pictures of the hopeless, the fearfull, and their stories as told daily on her Facebook page can do it justice.


Bernie Berlin is the angel warrior behind A Place to Bark, a no-kill, foster, rehabilitation and adoption rescue that saves animals from high kill animal controls, puppy mills & cruelty cases. They don't wait for the helpless to find them, they go out and find the ones that have been sitting in a cage for a year on death row at a local humane society death row, watching as people just pass them by... waiting and waiting for someone to save them. Bernie and her team of angels care for them until they are healthy (both physically and mentally), socialized and ready for adoption. Once ready, they transport them to various partnering shelters & adoption programs so these animals can find their forever homes. A Place to Bark has saved over 3,000 death row lives in the past 7 years.

"We are their safety net and will always take them back into our program for whatever reason. I quarantine, train, provide medical care, rehab, drive (& drive & drive & drive) them wherever they need to go to find them life, adopters and forever homes. A Place To Bark is about the long term save, not just the initial save. They depend on us and we must take responsibility for their lives. Till the day there are no more homeless pets, we must come together for the animals and the greater good. Our hope is to create the model program, by following the standards to which a no kill nation becomes a reality. Till there are no more homeless pets!!!"

A Place to Bark is a non-profit, charitable organization. They operate soley on donations and receive no government assistance.