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Bonney Williams

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May 31st, 2016


Etosha Rescue


Character Winner




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“Life is about rescuing, protecting and loving unwanted animals from dogs to pigs to horses and more!!” ”

Raleigh, the Rhodesian ridgeback that saved Bonney’s life at age 6 by taking a rattlesnake bite and ultimately losing his own life was the catalyst for Bonney’s path in life: rescue. Her love of hound dogs and her lifelong commitment rescuing and advocating for animals started early. It was the foundation of her devotion to rescue and ultimately the reason why she built Etosha rescue, one of the largest no-kill shelters/sanctuaries in Texas. Bonney has dedicated her life to saving, protecting, and rehabilitating unwanted and unloved animals in Texas and surrounding states. She doesn’t just rescue dogs, but pigs, goats, cats, horses and just about any animal that needs help or shows up at Etosha. Since 2009, Bonney has sponsored low cost spay/neuter clinics to animals in the surrounding areas. The owner’s usually only pay about 20% of the actual costs, and the average is about 100 animals per month that are spayed/neutered through Etosha’s program. She has also provided veterinary care for animals when their owners couldn’t afford it. Bonney works tirelessly to give animals a second chance. Over the years, Bonney has nursed and bottle fed newborn motherless puppies/kittens, nursed injured dogs that were left for dead out in the country, and she has saved injured dogs/puppies cats/kittens that were to be euthanized because the medical care was so extensive that other rescues did not step up. Bonney has rescued abandoned dogs/puppies, cats/kittens, livestock, sick wildlife that come onto the property, and numerous other animals that would not have survived unless Bonney stepped up. Some of the dogs that have come to her near death have survived going on to live long lives, while there were other animals that were too far gone. So, Bonney held and comforted them through their last breath. She has recovered animals in other states that were previously adopted, and dropped off at a local shelters instead of being returned to Etosha when the adopter could no longer care for the animals. Bonney has taken “problem dogs” or dogs that are deemed “unadoptable” from other shelters and brought them to Etosha. Bonney evaluates and works with these dogs while exhausting every resource possible, before deciding whether or not the animal can adopted. She has rehabilitated many dogs that most organizations would not have even considered rescuing. Some of these animals considered once feral, have gone on to live full lives as a member of the family while some animals will spend their lifetime at Etosha rescue with Bonney as their main caregiver. With each animal that comes into Etosha, a piece of Bonney’s heart will always reside even after their adoption. For Bonney, Etosha and the dogs who need her are a 24 hour, 365 days a year commitment. Bonney has driven in the middle of night, in all types of weather, sometimes hundreds of miles to pick up a dog or other animal that needs rescue. She spends 365 days a year tending to sometimes over 100 animals at a time with little to no staff to help care for the animals or do office work. Even though Bonney spends the majority of her time caring for the daily needs of the animals from feeding to vet care, she must still find time to apply for grant money, donations and run adoption events to help the animals find loving forever homes. For her, it's about the animals and their welfare. She has worked additional jobs outside the rescue to help pay for the bills and expenses of the rescue. In fact, when it's cold and rainy she brings many of the animals into her home for shelter to ensure all the animals stay dry since the shelter is located in a flood zone. Bonney has adopted all over the country and into Canada to try to get as many animals a forever home.