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Brian Romans

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December 22nd, 2016


Romans Warriors Foundation






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“He is saving lives daily”

Brian is a 15 year marine corp Veteran, whom by all accounts should be dead. In October of last year while heading to work on his Harley Davidson motorcycle ,he hit a 250 pound buck, broadside. Totaled his bike, killed the deer immediately and through him some 60 feet in the air. They airlifted him to Louisville VA hospital, and after a few hours of testing and making sure he had no internal injuries he was released to go home. He had some road rash and a laceration to his wrist. So he walked away from what should have been a fatal crash with minor injuries. He questioned why, and his wife told him , maybe that's a sign that you should be doing something to help others. Maybe there is a higher calling for you. So his mind started working,
Brian has PTSD and was retired against his will from the marine corp. He had already been helping his brothers /sisters in arms with their struggles . So he thought , what if he expanded on that and formed a foundation that would assist those Veterans, first responders , and Gold Star families, who suffer. So in January of 2016 he received his not for profit status from the state of Indiana. 501(c) (3) status. His goal is to raise awareness to ptsd and to put an end to the high suicide rate of 22 veteran suicides every 24 hours. He will bring in veterans , gold star family members, and first responders for a therapeutic weekend retreat at no cost to them. They will enjoy life in the wild, and forget their troubles with fishing, hunting, kayaking, equine therapy, and each night will end with a campfire and them sharing their stories with one another.
In less than twelve months, Brian has positively impact more than 75 Veterans, and more than 50 Gold Star families or first responders. He does this while working a full time job as well as spending quality time with his family. It's a known fact that helping is healing, and while he is helping others and saving lives, he may we'll be saving his own life at the same time.
The ultimate goal is to purchase this parcel of land in Greene county. He has made an offer and is seeking a VA small business loan . He will then purchase tiny home packages, a small cabin that will be named after a Gold Star Member. A person that made the ultimate sacrifice . The family will decorate that cabin and it will then be used to house veterans as they come in for their retreat. That way they understand a little more, that their daily struggles are far less that what their fallen comrades have experienced.
I'm nominating Brian for this prestigious honor, not because he is a veteran, but for the love and devotion that he has for his brothers/ sisters in arms. For the devotion that he has to make a difference in someone else 's life. His never say die attitude, his conviction and his dedication to save a human life. And his willingness to put every earthly thing he owns on the line to help our veterans, our Gold Star families, and our firemen, law enforcement, and our linemen. These folks have all seen things they can't unsee, heard voices that won't go away, and watched their brothers and sisters die around them. Let's help Brian Help others. Let's let him continue his great work. When doing so, take this into consideration, 90 cents off of every dollar he collects, goes back to the Veterans, Gold Star Families, and first responders. And the gift of $50,000.00 would potentially build and make functional with electricity and water , and sewage, 7 or 8 cabins . Or it could cover the retreat weekend for up to 15 -20 Veterans.
Brian is truly a Hero in my book. Thank you for your time and consideration. It was hard to pick a category, because he honestly fits and exemplifies everyone of them. .
God bless you all and may God Bless these United States of America.