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Bruce leads by example in his personal life, himself rescuing thousands of animals who were abused or abandoned. In his professional life, he leverages multiple platforms, including his radio show, podcasts, book and other media outlets to educate the public about animal welfare and protection and what they can do to prevent animal abuse, cruelty and bullying. Bruce has been widely-recognized, as one of the nation’s leading animal-protection advocates, travelling the country speaking on behalf of animals. Since 2009, Bruce & his best buddy/canine co-host Hobbes, have helped over 1000 animals find homes, raised over $50,000 for the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Center in Middlebury, VT and donated over $250,000 to animal-related causes.

Quite simply, Bruce’s life mission is to speak for, and protect, a vulnerable population that cannot speak for themselves . As their advocate, Bruce works tirelessly, traveling the country to engage the public in the fight to stop animal abuse, cruelty and neglect. He also partners with hundreds of rescue organizations to support their efforts to find loving homes for abandoned and orphaned animals.

Bruce and his wife Tami co-authored an illustrated children’s book, “Hobbes Goes Home,” chronicling Hobbes’s adoption journey from domestic abuse victim to beloved family member. The book teaches children to recognize signs of bullying and abuse and lets them know they are not alone. Bruce and Hobbes travel to classrooms nationwide to read their book, planting seeds of animal protection awareness and standing up to bullying, in hopes of stopping the cycle of abuse in animals and humans before it begins. The book has been read in 195 schools in 5 states, received critical acclaim from President Barack Obama, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, and Congressman Peter Welch (all of whom wrote opening comments for it). The book has also received significant praise from educators, teachers, parents, students along with animal rights and child welfare advocates who have called “Hobbes Goes Home,” “One of the most important children’s books EVER written.”

Bruce practices what he preaches. On Christmas Eve 2016, Bruce became aware of a small, abused, dachshund facing immediate euthanasia at a high-kill shelter in Manhattan, who had been left for dead in an abandoned building. Bruce contacted the shelter to adopt her, who was unresponsive and nobody seemed to know (or care) where she was. Over the holiday, he launched a nationwide rescue, reaching out to over 220 animal rescue organizations for help until he found her and brought her safely home. Today, Zoey Jean, the newest Zeman, is thriving, a testament to the power of determination and love

In speaking with Bruce, he teared up talking about Eskies On-line, and what the founder Denise Gareau has done to help animals – especially little Zoey. No one wanted to help Zoey, and Denise stepped in when no one else would. She is an angel, and hero, to animals, and these funds would make more stories like Zoey’s possible. She is there for these innocent creatures, and pulls lost souls from harm when no one else will. In a world that can be filled with apathy, Denise Gareau, and Eskies On-Line, save the lives that no one else will. This organization is MORE THAN DESERVING of this special honor.

I am honored to submit this nomination in honor of Bruce and his work. Both he and Tami, his lovely wife and partner in purpose, inspire people to find the “better angels of their nature” and work towards a kinder, more compassionate society. Humble, sensitive and empathetic to the plight of animals, Bruce Zeman embodies the very definition of a “Rare Life”. In my opinion, the world in general, but especially for animals, is MUCH BETTER, because he is here.

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