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While there is significant community support for victims of violence and their children, primary violence prevention education is infrequent and very limited even in school districts that have committed to prevention efforts. 3E Now, despite being a grassroots, volunteer organization for the first 5 years of it's existence, delivered evidence-based prevention efforts to thousands fo students in Western PA. His devotion to the youth in our community is evident in his tireless efforts to bring awareness and solutions to an issue that effects one in three adolescents.

Chris believes in the power of change and in our young men and women to be leaders in our community to implement healthy relationships based on trust and equality. He wants to assist youth in making a more peaceful world.

From volunteering on baseball fields, to delivering classroom presentations, Chris has empowered hundreds of youth to be leaders in their community. He has advocated for educational opportunities for children who have lost thier mothers to violence and has supported marginalized youth who are survivors of abusive relationships

His persistence and belief that we can teach our youth that they are agents of change and a force for shaping and making a better and more peaceful world.

We would be able to hire a full time educator to increase the impact in our community.

Pittsburgh has been come a model for prevention efforts in our country and Chris has been a leading voice in making this happen. He does this without acknowledgement and praise, quietly spending his free time to this issue.

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