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Christopher Baity

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November 10th, 2016


Semper K9 Assistance Dogs






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“Combat Veteran Leading Others to Help Save Veteran Lives”

Christopher Baity is an OEF/OIF veteran Marine Corps dog trainer and kennel master with three combat deployments, one civilian deployment and two additional overseas deployments with working dogs. He has over 15 years of dog training and handling experience.

Chris was awarded 'Top Dog Award' while attending Military Working Dog Handler's Course at Lackland AFB. He also studied in Israel under the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Oketz Dog Program with 3 other Marines and 5 SSDs, this was the only class to complete dog training and "Train the Trainer" course. This formal training, along with his combat deployments and civilian K9 career have prepared him for developing and implementing operations at Semper K9 Assistance Dogs.

He founded Semper K9 Assistance Dogs, a 501(c)(3) public charity, in 2014 to continue his life saving work with the Marine Corps into the private sector with Semper K9. Semper K9’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for wounded, critically-ill and injured members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families by providing them assistance dogs. Using rescued and donated dogs Semper K9 provides service dogs for psychiatric alert and mobility challenges free of charge to wounded service members.

Chris has the unique ability to unite other, teach them the how to accomplish a task and provide the support and encouragement needed to get the job done. He does this for the volunteer K9 Coaches of Semper K9 which has been the key to their success. The K9 Coaches are similar to foster families for Semper K9's service dogs in training. Twice a week the team of 40 volunteer trainers meet with Chris to learn new techniques, work on challenges and push their skills to the limits to increase the skill level of the service dogs. Many Semper K9's volunteers are middle and high school aged students who look up to Chris and seek his approval and guidance.

Chris’s leadership does not end with volunteer support. He leads the service members who join Semper K9’s program and teaches them the skills needed to utilize their service dogs. Chris’s passion and eagerness to teach others they unique skills he has shines through to all who encounter him. An active volunteer in the community, Chris is also a leader in veteran and service dog organizations across the country.

As leader of our family, he offers guidance to our four children who are actively involved with his philanthropic work. This, along with everything mentioned above is why Chris lives such a Rare Life.