Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Chuck Foreman

Date Added

December 19th, 2016


Center for Search and Investigations






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“Chuck has dedicated his life to service first to our country in the quick reaction company now to finding missing children. ”

Center for Search and Investigations (CFSI) is a collaboration of 3 divisions that help locate children that have gone missing. CFSI-the investigative division, BURN- motorcycle division the vast majority of veterans - NOMAD-Not found yet, this division never gives up looking for a missing child. Founder Chuck Foreman served approximately 10 years in the quick reaction company with an emphasis in special operations. He brought a wide range of skill sets to the creation and building of the organization-precise decision making, objectivity, strong leadership problem solving and vision. This is reflection the effectiveness of the CFSI program. Chuck served the Organization from inception as CEO and during that time nearly 900 children were found safe, more thank 3000 volunteers and more than 80000 were added to the network. The organization has grown tremendously and great leaders were created. This has allowed him to hand off the reigns allowing today's leaders to handle day to day operations while he focuses on growth and taking it to the next level. Being Founder of something this great is for a lifetime and requires a lifetime commitment. Chuck continues to live up to this commitment daily providing daily guidance and communication with other organization heads, attending speaking engagements, working with sponsors and more. Through what he has created, the others he has empowered and a drive like no other the world continues to be a better place for children.