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All of the characteristics apply to her. To be able to do what she does both professionally and personally takes leadership, courage, character, devotion, heroism and survival to be able to make the difference she's made in the lives of the people of Kenya. Connie’s significant experience in driving and measuring outcomes has helped her apply these same skills to the work being done in Kenya.

To decrease the number of children dying from preventable diseases by supporting Kenyan nationals who do the work. Her vision is for every child to have the opportunity to live, to have safe water, enough food to eat, attend school and grow up healthy.

In the early 90’s Connie came to Florida as Director of Licensure and Certification for the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services and let those of us in long-term care know that restraining residents as a way of managing behaviors was no longer acceptable. At that time approximately 41% of Florida nursing home residents were restrained and, because of her firm belief that removing all forms of restraints was the right thing to do, today less than 1% of residents in Florida’s nursing homes are restrained. I remember being very apprehensive about removing restraints however we found, as she predicted, that it was the right thing to do, it did feel good and residents were much happier and less agitated. Our focus shifted from restraining a resident to implementing precautions to limit injury in the event of a fall. I write the above as a way of having you understand a bit more about how I became a supporter of Partners for Care. In 2014 when Connie and I became reacquainted through our mutual association with LeadingAge Florida and as she shared the mission and vision of Partners for Care, an organization she co-founded, my heart was touched by her passion for eliminating needless suffering and death caused by preventable diseases. However what really had the biggest impact on me was all that’s been accomplished over the past eight years through PFC’s philosophy of “above all, do no harm” and the belief that the best solutions came through providing a hand up and not a hand out. It’s because of the belief that the best solutions are those that provide jobs and are sustainable over the long run that I knew I wanted to make the commitment to support the Kenyan staff so that they can continue to do the “ground work” for all areas of the PFC Mission. It’s important to note that along with my pledge to support the Kenyan staff I’ve also made a personal commitment to partner with Connie in her work through Quality Care Assurance so as to assist her however I can in areas of nursing home administration. Perhaps this support will allow additional time to focus on the work of the PFC Mission.

She is unwavering in her commitment to improving the quality of care in nursing homes and in supporting the work of the Partners for Care team in Kenya through sustainable solutions.

The donation would be used to continue the work of the Partners for Care team located in Kenya. It would give PFC the financial support to do more to implement sustainable solutions such as the sewing center, education centers, and hydroponic gardens.

Connie faith in God is also unwavering. She knows that He provides all we need to lead the way to making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us and has faith that He will continue to provide as long as we continue to do His work.

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