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Growing up, Cindy Pasky worked four jobs to help support her family and still graduated with a 4.0 GPA – a year early. These early life lessons served her well and stayed with her. Pasky built her business, Strategic Staffing Solutions (S3) from the ground up, from a five person, $2.3 million company to an international $320 million IT and business services company 26 years later. But her leadership is evidenced in so much more. She is a community servant and leads on projects that have a direct and lasting impact on Detroit, Michigan, her home town. She is board chair of the Downtown Detroit Partnership and co-chair of Mayor Mike Duggan’s Workforce Development Board, and many others. She has served as mentor to many people as they developed their careers or their own businesses. And she leads by example, encouraging her employees to become active in Detroit’s many business and charitable organizations.

Pasky’s personal mission mirrors that of S3’s four pillars: Set the bar high for what a corporation should do; Create jobs; Offer people an opportunity to success and change their station in life; Make community and charity work a core part of the company’s business.

True to her mission, Pasky has impacted countless people’s lives by offering them that golden opportunity to change their station in life through quality jobs, which of course impacts entire families. She hires homeless people and those recovering from substance abuse and addiction. She hires based on talent rather than credentials. The majority of S3’s employees are successfully working in roles they’ve never filled before. In a broader sense, Pasky has also worked to create jobs and a better life throughout Detroit through her work as co-chair of the Mayor’s Workforce Development Board. Furthermore, under Pasky’s leadership, this workforce development model has been replicated throughout Strategic Staffing Solutions branch offices in several other cities.

Cindy is a phenomenal woman who is authentic to herself, the people she loves, and the city in which she grew up. From starting every conversation with a "thank you" to rocking green highlight in her hair, to smoking cigars, to her love of fast cars (including her Hellcat, Syder, and Demon), she consistently shows up for those who are around her. She opens doors and allows those who come behind her to stand upon her shoulders.

$50,000 would be used to support animal rescue and advocacy in the City of Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

Thank you for considering Cindy. Did I also mention she throws a party for women leaders in Detroit called "Real Women Drink Whiskey" every year and Rare Eagle is one of her favorites.

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