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October 28th, 2016


Gender Health center of Sacramento






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“Transgender husband ”

Dana is my ex husband Fred, who had the courage to come up to me and tell me that all his life, he wanted to be a woman . He faced many feelings and fears, and assumed loses, and even overcame suicidal thoughts and fears, to achieve the life she always wanted to. As hard as it was for me in the beginning , I understood and accepted it , because our mature love knows no limits. ..Now we are best friends and I admire her courage to face the reactions of family, friends , and the daily life while she goes through her transition. What she is doing is really corageous and brave, and she walks through these changes never forgetting about me, always being there to help me emotionally and physically , and sometimes disregarding the fact that the courageous one is her, because of the brave decision she made . She also supports the LGBT community and is an active advocate of such. What she is going through is not easy nor cheap, and I admire her positive and cooperative attitude while she goes through these changes . ..My respects to Dana.