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Daniel served in the United States Marine Corps with me. Although not a physical specimen by any stretch, he is undoubtedly beyond brave. A helicopter full of fellow Marines crashed near our position and caught fire. Daniel was the first to respond. He rushed into the burning wreckage without any concerns for his own safety and began to pull those Marines out. 22 died in that helo and 15 more were hurt. More likely would have died but not for Daniel's swift and fearless actions. His own uniform caught on fire doing this. He was later awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his bravery.

Since that sad day, Daniel has gone on to become a Federal Agent with the Border Patrol, where he also faces personal danger on a regular basis. He's served proudly for many years.

Unfortunately, his personal strength and courage was to be tested once again. He recently lost his oldest child, his daughter Alyssa, to brain cancer. In her honor, he's started a charity called Alyssa's Army, dedicated to raising awareness, supporting and assisting families of other children suffering from this horrible disease. He's a remarkable man and would be a worthy recipient of your generous award.

Here's the Facebook page about his charity: https://www.facebook.com/groups/466751796670143/

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