Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Darla Cherry

Date Added

November 12th, 2016


Meadow Haven Horse Rescue






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“Her passion for life is saving horses.”

Darla Cherry chose to dedicate her life to rescuing horses and Meadow Haven Horse Rescue reflects her love for the animals she saves. Darla was a horse breeder and trainer for over 35 years. When the opportunity arose to take over Meadow Haven Horse Rescue, she recognized her passion and acted on it. She feels strongly that the current high number of unwanted horses in the US is due in part to indiscriminate breeding and people who buy horses without realizing how much time and resources are required to maintain a horse. She stopped her breeding program when she started the rescue to become a part of the solution. Since 2009, hundreds of horses and donkeys have entered the gates of Meadow Haven to be given sanctuary and the possibility of new homes through adoption. Most come from law enforcement seizures and are the victims of neglect, abuse or abandonment. If possible each horse is rehabilitated and brought back to good health with the goal being to find their forever home. Some are not adoptable and will remain forever under Meadow Haven's care. The rescue is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization and all donations received go directly to the care of the horses. Darla works tirelessly to meet the needs of feeding and caring for over 175 horses. Besides feed and hay, there are the expenses of farrier care (hoof trims, shoes, etc.) and vet care (castrations, vaccinations, dental care, etc.) and she also handles the daily maintenance of the operation. The opportunity of being a recipient of the Eagle Rare Life donation would enable her to do improvement to barns, fences and put in a desperately needed new water line. It would be a breath of life for this rescue and would help towards her long term goal to incorporate the rehabilitation of these wonderful animals and therapy work with physically and/or mentally challenged individuals.