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Darlene's devotion to her cause is evident in every step she takes no matter at a event related to rare disorders or not. She tirelessly works and spreads awareness and education of the needs for people with rare diseases to have access to their life saving medication in the event of an emergency.

Danny's Dose mission is to change rules to save life. By changing EMS protocols through state legislation to allow paramedics and emergency personnel to administer life saving medication.

Darlene has taught and educated nation wide for the patients of rare diseases emergency preparedness and advocated in the local, state and national levels of government to change protocols needed for people to have access to emergency administration of rare medication.

Darlene's perseverance despite lack of local support in certain disease state is astounding. Her head on attitude and dedication of tireless hours of travel and research and outreach is nothing short of huge amount of strength and integrity shown on her part. All while her dedication to giving glory to God in all of her endeavors and success is most admirable.

The donation amount would mean more ability to change protocol in different states who have active patients wanting legliation changed. The limited budget now hardly allows any travel expenses that don't come out of individual pockets of those involved. In addition education for an emergency plan for those affected with a rare disorder could be spread nationally in a very concrete way with more funds.

Darlene started her nonprofit based out of the needs of her grandson and has taken on the responsibility and heart to care for all those affected with a rare disorder. She has brought light to a life-threatening issue many aren't aware of. And aside of bringing awareness she demands and devotes herself to making real change!

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