Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

David A. Nuttle

Date Added

September 16th, 2016


Needful Provision, Inc. (EIN 85-0433956)






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“Nominee has provided solutions to national security issues for over five decades.”

The Nominee, David A. Nuttle, has provided innovation and leadership in the national security area, worldwide, for over five decades. Nominee helped to validate the Peace Corps concept during work in South Vietnam as an agriculture development and refugee resettlement volunteer with Intl. Voluntary Services (IVS). His work on the project is detailed in a book entitled "The Fortunate Few." After this effort, the Nominee helped to create and direct a model village defense program, in South Vietnam, to help rural and tribal populations defend themselves against armed attacks by terrorists/ insurgents. Nominee's work in this regard is detailed in a study entitled "Buon Enao Experiment ... JP Harris." as posted on Google. J.P. Harris provides more details on this effort in his book entitled "Vietnam's High Ground."

Nominee started a 501(c)(3) charity, Needful provision, Inc. (NPI) in 1995, and has directed the work for this charity in helping to resolve global issues often causing conflicts; e.g. water shortages, food insecurity, lack of employment/ income opportunities, and similar issues. Currently. NPI under Nominee's direction, is starting work on a counterdesertification model, in Kenya, to grow crops in the desert to provide food and jobs for impoverished and nutrient deficient populations. At the same time, Nominee will be demonstrating so-called green, safe, self-sufficiency housing proving all basic needs for the labor force (and their families) working on NPI's counterdesertification project.

During five decades of service, Nominee has also become a published author and inventor with many national and international honors such as The Thomas Jefferson Award for Humanitarian Service. Nominee's many accomplishments are reviewed in studies, books, and magazine articles with many being posted on Google. As an example of his publications, he wrote the "Remote Areas Development Manual" used by Peace Corps volunteers, and "The Civic Action Guide," used by U.S. and foreign military forces seeking to improve national security in the nations where they work. One example patent for Nominee is U.S. Patent No. 5,121,708. Nominee's accomplishments are too numerous to include herein.