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Dennis Winfrey

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January 1st, 2017


California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS)






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“Crotchety and grumpy Standardbred horse rescuer who gets a literal bang out of life!”

In the early 1990's Dennis Winfrey went to a civil war reenactment and saw they pulled cannons with Jeeps. Knowing this was not historically correct he began researching how cannons WERE moved. He began California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS) with two draft horses. He was soon told the he could rescue Standardbreds from the harness track and use them as they are already use to the crowds, noise and stay calm. Since CHAS was started in 1998, Dennis has been the Stable Sergeant of CHAS and has taken care of over 70 plus rescued horses on his ranch known as Camp Warhorse in Salinas, CA.

Dennis is nearing 80 years old but still gets out each day to feed the horses, work with the farrier, cut the fields and work the horses. He has provided a place for volunteers to come and learn how mounted horse artillery works and to pull cannons and equipment in parades, reenactments and living history days. He has taught numerous other mounted artillery units how to do mounted artillery and brings history on the hoof alive for thousands of visitors each year.

Dennis has been featured on specials and has articles written about him. For the 70 plus horses he has done a fantastic job of keeping them from being sent to the slaughterhouse.

He was profiled on Bay Area Proud Garvin Thomas (NBC) http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Salinas-Rancher-Rescues-Dozens-Of-R...

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Thank You for taking a look at Dennis's information as he truly leads a rare life!

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Dee Murphy