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Elissa devotes so much of her time and energy to helping compete strangers or animals without ever expecting anything in return. She is there to help anyone at any time of the day or night. Elissa works tirelessly to make sure families and pets do not go without. She is committed to helping make the world a better place. Her heart and soul goes into trying to raise people up and help them get back on their feet. Elissa's everyday is filled with hours spent helping others.

Elissa's personal ,mission is to provide a hand up and not a hand out to those in need. Each day she spends many hours helping families and providing them with the essentials they need to get back on their feet. Sometimes its just sitting and lending an ear and letting them know someone cares. She will never turn anyone away that may need help. Elissa is available on any day at any time day or night.

Elissa has impacted so many lives each day including mine. She has made me want yo be a better person by seeing how much love and care she gives to people she does not even know and who could never repay her. Thousands of families have been helped by her. Families now have homes and warm beds to sleep each night. Moms and Dads have jobs. Kids have had some of the best Holidays and birthdays all because of one woman that cares. She has taught her daughter to me selfless and because if that they have helped so many others in return.

I admire her complete devotion to people. She does not look down on anyone for any situation. She is always willing to lend a hand to help. Elissa had once found herself falling on hard times and once she got herself up her she found ways to pay it forward. Once a survivor of domestic violence, she took her situation and turned it into a positive by now helping other victims. She taught her daughters to always help others and then her middle daughter started a non-profit clothing closet at the age of 12 to help families in need. Now with that daughter in college away in another state, Elissa gives all of her time helping to run the organization. I admire how she has raised her daughter to be the best version of themselves. I admire how she has helped so many others to feel better about themselves. She is a true inspiration to ll that even if you get knocked down you can brush yourself off and start all over. But never forget to help others along the way.

The donation would be so unbelievable to her charity. The amount of families that would be helped would be in the tens of thousands. Unfortunately there are so many families in need. But Angels Community Outreach has always done their best to get to as many families as possible. Funding is always an issue when that is what it takes to help most. Angels is now run from donations only and volunteers but the need for help is growing each day. This donation would mean they would be able to get more kids snuggled in warm beds of their own. It would hep many domestic violence survivors to move on with their lives and feel safe. It would help homeless people have a warm meal in their bellies and a place to lay their head. It would provide families the holidays they deserve and have memories they will keep for a lifetime. The possiblities to help more families would be so amazing. The donation would help more people that we could ever imagine. It would change lives. This donation would g towards helping all of our families. Angels struggles to keep food on the food pantry shelves as well as toiletries such as diapers and person hygiene items. It would also go towards the many community events that are run throughout the year. They give Halloween costumes as well as a hot meal to hundreds of families each year. Then of course there are the Holidays that they provide a meal and thousands of presents to so many kids. Hundreds of Easter baskets are assembled each year and given to the families. Back to school event where each kid gets a backpack,all supplies,socks,underwear/bras,shoes,haircut and a hot meal. All items given are brand new. There are many families that come from the Domestic Violence shelters that have nothing. They leave with their kids and nothing else. Angels provides them with anything they can, food,clothing sometimes furniture and helps with getting deposits to get into their own homes. The same goes for people in the Homeless shelters. This donation would go towards helping the many families who need and deserve the help.

Elissa Darrow is the kindness most generous person. She always buts her daughters, her pets and complete strangers before herself. She is a hard worker and a loving person. I wish we had many many more people like her in this world.

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