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Elizabeth Lumsden

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October 25th, 2015


Operation: Destination Homebound


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“Provides Free transportation for Active Duty Military, their families, as well as Veterans, to VA hospitals, airports, bases, in the So. California region”

Elizabeth Lumsden, Real Estate Broker, dog lover, and Marine Mom realized a need and sprung into action. Operation Destination Homebound provides free transportation to active duty military and Veterans' to local airports and hospitals as well as doctors appointments. Several times while picking up her son from base she was asked if she would be willing to provide a ride to another service member to the airport to catch a flight home to visit loved ones before deployment. The answer yes of course but yet confused as why they could not get transportation to the airport she investigated the cause. Military installations are sometimes hundreds of miles from the local airports which made it financially impossible for the Service Member to get to the destination having to forego the well deserved trip home to see loved ones.Year to date Operation Destination Homebound has provided over 500 hundred rides at no cost and a estimated savings of $300.00 per ride.
In 2015 Elizabeth received a call from a caretaker of a 94 year old Veteran who needed transportation to visit his wife who is in Hospice care. This even challenged Elizabeth more, so she started providing transportation to Veterans. Elizabeth has forged a great kind and compassionate relationship not only with the Veteran but his wife also, visiting with her personally. Operation Destination Homebound is searching out new ways in which it can fulfill some of the most basic needs for active duty and veterans.