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His strength of character is unmatched. He is all too human as we all are but instead of being sedentary and complacent he has dedicated his life to constant and never ending improvement through karate.

As a younger man he was offered the world through martial arts. He could have been a super star in a violent arena instead he decided to dedicate his life to constant and never ending improvement through Shotokhan karate and to teach others that violence is not the way.

First he is a true leader, a man to look up to. He is not only my Shihan but is a student of the arts. He trains just as hard as we do and holds us up to a higher standard. He constantly reminds us that he admires the fact that in learning this karate we have chosen a deeper path, a path not many can start let alone sustain and all of us strive to be what he his which is Dan-i 6.

I admire his courage and tenacity through his martial arts training. It is not ever man that would walk away from fame and money and all it's trappings to become a humble servant of the arts.

I think giving to the American heart association would speak to his character and give back enormously to generations to come. The thought of giving someone another chance at life is a powerful idea.

When i think of my Shihan words like, extraordinary, vital, revolutionary, abundance, generosity, oneness come to mind, ever time i think of him.

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