Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Glenn Flessas

Date Added

December 19th, 2016


Dana Farber cancer






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“Glenn "Eagle" Flessas has a heart of gold and more friends than George Bailey from its a wonderful life, who every year gives his time and money to raise money for people stricken with cancer. ”

Glenn (aka The Eagle) has a ton of friends and he loves them all. His sense of humor is infectious and he makes everyone laugh when they are around him. He is generous with his time and money and every year raises a lot for Dana Farber and local families who have a loved one stricken with cancer. He knows how it feels, having lost both of his parents to cancer, so his compassion for other cancer patients is heartfelt and real. His annual golf tourney for cancer is always a success and he would be so humbled and honored to be able to give $50,000 to Dana Farber to help so many more cancer victims.