Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Helen Ramaglia

Date Added

May 25th, 2015








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“At great cost to herself, she continues to be a voice for foster children and fetal alcohol syndrome exposed children!”

Helen was born premature, into a life full of brutal violence and abuse. When she was three years old, her mother suffered fatal wounds due to domestic violence at the very hands of her father. Helen was then sent by her father to live with various family members where she lived in closets, was touched in private places and made to do the same. At six years old she was returned to her father. The emotional and physical roller coaster continued. At one point, Helen stopped talking as a means of survival. It wasn't until Helen's late forties after adopting two foster children, sibling boys who had both been exposed to alcohol in their mother's womb - that Helen was forced to find her voice again for the sake of her two son's. Helen now serves as a passionate advocate for foster children and a loud voice for the voiceless. She is creator of Foster Skills, a program designed to guide children in care, of care and at risk, onto a path for success! She is founder of FosteringSuperStars a non profit that is 100% volunteer ran by foster alumni serving foster children and at-risk children across America. Helen is a Congressional Award Winner, a Points of Light Award honoree and a Woman of Valor award recipient and has recently received a Successful Survivors Award.
Helen is an authentic Hero. She has beaten the odds, excelled high above the poor prognosis for foster children. She could easily now rest and bask in the love filled life she has built, but she presses on like a true Hero does to continue rescuing others still in danger's grasp and at risk of death. "How can you rest, when children's lives and futures are at stake?"