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Jacci Moss has devoted her life to making the world a better place for animals. She began a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation sanctuary in 1989 where many animals were healed and able to return to the wild. In 1999 with her special love for felines she founded Friends of Felines Rescue Center (FFRC) in Defiance, OH.

Since founding FFRC, she has been involved with neutering/spaying over 12,000 cats. Through her low cost neuter/spay and education programs she enabled many others to be able to afford to help control the cat over population. Over the years, FFRC has rescued thousands of cats that were abused, injured or simply abandoned to fend for themselves. Many feral cats have been trapped, neutered and released also.

The number of Jacci’s success stories could fill the pages of a large book. One example is saving a cat from years of abuse and slowly teaching her that humans aren’t so bad, and that trust can come back to a tortured soul, with love and patience.

But one of her most important paths has taken her to rescuing, nurturing and adopting out cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a neurological disease that causes difficulty walking, standing, and doing ‘normal’ cat activity. She has helped these CH cats survive and thrive and in the process has also taught thousands of viewers on her 24/7 web cam how cats with physical challenges desire what all cats want: love, a home and some cat treats along the way.

Jacci’s devotion to educating thousands about responsible cat care has inspired people around the world. She has adopted out thousands of cats not only to people in the Northwest Ohio region but people have traveled from many parts of U.S. and as far as Alaska and Canada to adopt cats that Jacci has rescued because they respect the way the cats have been treated medically and socially.

Her devotion to ensuring that all cats be allowed to live and thrive has also inspired others to volunteer and do their part to protect and rescue cats. The volunteers of FFRC play a huge part in the impact of what FFRC is all about. Her passion and energy has truly changed lives, both feline and human.

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