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James Lee Elliott

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November 4th, 2015


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“True American Hero and Survivor”

Soon to be grandfather, father, husband, Soldier, Survivor. My Dad is the epitome of courage, leadership, devotion, and strength. He served his nation in the late 1950’s early 1960’s, fathered two sons, one of which followed his footsteps in the military taking his obligation to 17 years and counting. In 2012 he survived a split rim tire explosion which hit him in the face at 70 years old. Through his determination, faith and courage he is walking again after 5 months 11 days in the hospital. Over the last three years he has learned to walk, talk and swallow again. In March he will welcome his first granddaughter, grandchild for that matter, which he deserves. It took over 17 years for them to have children, their first being born in 1980, 17 years after their nuptials in 1963. Through his leadership, he has taught me the meaning of courage, faith, and leadership, this is coming from a two-time veteran of the Iraq war. My dad is the example to live by, married for 52 years, devoted to his children, leads by example. Has worked hard to ensure, at whatever sacrifice to himself, his family is taken care of.