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As those connected to the military are acutely aware, transitioning from an active, fulfilled military career back into the civilian world, where the lines aren’t as clear between good and evil, love and hate, brother and enemy, can be truly difficult and overwhelming even to the strongest among us. James Webb’s story is a success story. Survival is a recurrent theme in Webb’s life, and though he has been knocked down time after time, he strives to make his life matter, to live the Ranger creed every day, and to make a difference for him, his son and the men, who he calls brothers.

After enlisting in 2005 and graduation from the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP) at Fort Benning in 2006. Webb found brotherhood within the Army Ranger community and was driven to be the best soldier he knew how to be. According to his friends, he was the most genuine guy that you wanted to have on your side in combat. That genuine soul of his has never left through the trials and tribulations that has led him through a very rare life.

In 2009, Webb, still active duty, was on a motorcycle trip with a buddy and was struck by a drunk driver. He should have died on scene from the impact, but didn't. He should have lost his leg, but didn't. He endured 9 painful surgeries to put his body back together and an immediate transition into civilian life. He knew in order to survive that transition he needed to find something else to do that he loved, to make him feel like a true-man and to give him a sense of purpose. He found his old love and career in farming and now farms in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on the land of our fore-fathers.

Webb leads a life of purpose, passion and continuous service to our beautiful nation through farming the land and providing for his son. He believes in handshakes as business contracts and will put everyone else before himself. The selfless love he holds for his Veteran brotherhood and even complete strangers empowers him on his own personal road to recovery. James has saved many of his brother's lives from becoming part of a suicide statistic by inviting them out to the Ranger Ranch to get their heart and mind back in line. Through many trials and hardships, he takes his pain, suffering and negativity and turns it into a positive force to be reckoned with.

James is powerful beyond measure and his impact in this world has just begun. He is a history maker through his service in the Army and now as a steward of our nation's land. He is loyal, courageous, honest, hard-working and fearless in the pursuit of his American dream.

Thank you Eagle Rare Life for this incredible opportunity to share about this inspiring and selfless man. These are the stories that our nation needs to be reminded of; the stories that will empower others to live a rare life!

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