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Jeanette is completely devoted to the cause of helping warriors and veterans by giving them help and then having them give back to communities in need.

Jeanette began her quest in helping the military community over 15-years ago by volunteering hundreds of hours in recovery treatments in Ramstein, Germany while her family was stationed at the AFB in the late 1990's. Her compassion and devotion continued earing her presidential recognition by President George W. Bush. After a family tragedy in 2011, she established a non-profit called Structure for Wounded Warriors, where she helped countless warriors receive free therapies across the United States. In 2017, she updated her non-profit to include the warriors giving back to other communities. Her devotion has never wavered, her sacrifices continue, she deserves recognition and generous assistance so she can continue her work.

Most of the warriors she treats and/or has treated have been part of war and war zones over seas. Some of the warriors have seen, witnessed, or been part of terrible situations where civilians have been hurt, killed or their neighborhoods destroyed. Her non-profit has two moving parts: Warrior's in Recovery is for the rebuilding of the soldier, and Return to Love is how the solider gets the opportunity to fix something broken in a needy community. This brings two fold healing which is more complete and well rounded.

My little sister, Jeanette, started out rough in her teenage years. I admire that her heart is so big for humanity and that she is devoted to her cause. She changes lives everyday and inspires everyone around her to do more.

Her nonprofits need funding, and Jeanette has been a one woman band for a long time. $50,000 would help service more warriors, communities and it may even have a little left over so she can hire someone to share the work load so she can spend a little time with her family more frequently.

Just a few weeks ago she facilitated the building of a fresh and clean water well for the village in Liberia where her adopted daughter is from. She has not taken a vacation in almost 7 years. She is a mother of 3 teenagers and a two year old. She and her recently retired Air Force husband will be married for 20 years in October.

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