Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Jennifer Sarno

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November 12th, 2016


Semper Fi Fund






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“Unwavering Support of Our Troops, Domestically and Abroad”

Jennifer's story begins as the daughter of a non-commissioned officer of the Marine Corps. She spent her entire childhood traveling the world as her father changed positions. This is common for the families of Marines. What's uncommon about Jennifer, however, is that she chose this life for herself when she married a Marine. Over the past 20 years, she has endured multiple deployments by her husband. All of this, while raising three wonderful daughters.
What truly distinguishes her is that she did not simply stay at home, waiting for her husband to come home. She took initiative from the very beginning. She began volunteering for his squadron while they were deployed.
Later, she coordinated and volunteered for the Adopt a Marine program at their base in Jackson South Carolina. This allowed people who wanted to contribute to be paired up with Marines who did not have family stateside to provide for them. Me and my family, as well as many colleagues and friends, had a truly good fortune to be part of this program. This was all thanks to Jennifers drive to make this a viable program.
Her current endeavor is as a senior case manager with the Semper Fi Fund. This is an endeavor which insures wounded, critically ill and injured service members and their families are connected with resources that will assist their recovery and smooth transition back into their communities. The wonderful work they do for all branches of the military is something everyone should strive to do. She continues with this even though her husband is retired from The Corps.
This is why I believe Jennifer has lived the Rare Life and is deserving of recognition and financial support for her charity.