Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Jenny Hudson

Date Added

October 31st, 2016


Stray Animal Adoption Program






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“Jenny Hudson was an altruistic kidney donor and finally met her recipient; three years later she got breast cancer and he turned the tables and took care of her.”

In August, 2010, Jenny Hudson made an altruistic kidney donation, not knowing who was receiving the transplant. She finally met Thomas C. Hendrix, Jr. in November 2010 and friendship became family. Jenny has no family in the immediate area, so Tom's large family of three children and nine grandchildren took Jenny into their own. Tom's health improved significantly and he was able to go off several of his medications; begin traveling and golfing again.

Fast forward to October 2013, and Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tom took this opportunity to call up her sister in Florida and say "I've got this. It's my turn to take care of her."

Tom took Jenny to each of her chemotherapy appointments and was there for all of her surgeries and recovery. He swears it wasn't due to the fact that all the nurses in the chemotherapy bay loved him and he enjoyed working the room.

Jenny's initial act of kindness has come back to her in blessings many times over due to Tom's constant presence in her life.

He's become her partner in crime, her brother and someone who she knows will always have her back. And her kidney.