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His time, energy, posture, support is what is needed to lead an organization like this. Philadelphia Covenant House has been able to grow by leaps and bounds due to his passion for children.

Covenant House is the largest charity in the Americas, serving runaway, homeless, and trafficked youth in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Serve as a member of executive team with responsibility for building consensus across the agency on a mission-driven set of performance and outcome measures to define the organization’s impact, to serve as the basis for a data-driven, outcome-focused performance management and quality improvement system, and to support efforts to implement evidence-based practices.

I firts met John at the Executive Sleep Out haeld annually in Philadelphia. His dedication to these youths is second to none and it shows in the passion of his words, love that is shown from the youths to him and his dedication to keep pushing for support and awareness. He touched my life personally and also helped me be able to let my company become a part of getting jobs for the young adults. His passion became my passion and we have helped raise over $34K in the last two years for the Executive Sleep Out that is now a team of 10 from my office.

Dedication and professionalism can be felt when he speaks. He connects with the adults and other leaders in the organization to keep things moving forward. Always, a smile on his face even with the long hours and very long commute every day. His life's work has been dedicated to Children...

Covenant House in Philadelphia is always looking to add more beds to there facilities as with every youth they help they turn away hundreds each year for being understaffed and just not having the space. I am certain the money would be used to add more beds, provide training, feed the youth, etc. Such a donation would be amazing for this organization.

Below is from his personal page: Chief executive officer of the largest agency serving runaway, homeless, and trafficked youth in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. Covenant House Pennsylvania serves youth who are 21 and under and provides street outreach throughout Philadelphia, a 24/7 crisis shelter in Germantown, and our Rights of Passage program in Kensington, a transitional living program that helps youth learn to live independently. We also provide a full continuum of related services for our youth including educational support, vocational training, physical and behavioral healthcare, and legal services. Covenant House Pennsylvania also leads the fight against human trafficking in Philadelphia, chairing the Philadelphia Anti-Trafficking Coalition, educating stakeholders about identification of trafficking victims, advocating for changes in law to better support survivors and punish traffickers, and working with survivors directly to help them heal.

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