Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

John Licoski

Date Added

November 18th, 2016


Operation Second Chance






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“adventurer, story teller”

My father has learned to spear pirahna in the Amazon, gone to Gladiator school. Done evasive driving school in England, visited Dracula's castle. Drives race cars, at 79, on all the major tracks. He is also a 20 year Navy veteran!
I have never been, will never be, more inspired to enjoy life, EXPERIENCE life, than what I have learned from him.
Life should be full of adventure, and fun.
The biggest gift he has given me-integrity. I speak my mind, stand up for what I believe in AT ALL COSTS. Your word, your honor.
It all matters, and matters more than you ever know.
Because your legacy will live on, long after we are gone.
Make it a good one.