Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

John William Mullaney

Date Added

August 10th, 2016


1. American Cancer society 2. Wounded Warriors






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“A great man who lives life with integrity, courage, strength and love. ”

He came into our lives when I was about 15 years old, and my sister 17. He had not long buried his wife of many years from cancer. My mom was a single mother and raising two teenagers on her own. She was working two or three jobs to make ends meet. He changed our lives for the better. He loved our mother and was devoted to her for 35 years until she died in 2010 from...yep cancer. He brought security, integrity, loyalty and love to a mother and her two daughters who needed it so desperately. He took us in as his own, and to this day he loves us and is there for us whenever we call. He didn't have to. He saw a need and he filled it gladly. We fell in love with him too because of his devotion to our mother and to our family. He's almost 85 years old and still going strong and living live to the fullest. He travels all over and yet I know I can call and he will come running, no questions asked. Retired Coast Guard, and various other jobs until just a year or so ago. Nothing keeps him down. He is our rock and he is worthy of recognition for being an everyday hero. He is "Eagle Rare"