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John Yori has made it his mission to look out for and support our nations veterans. Four years ago he started a small/local landscaping company that employed recent veterans. He mentored them to develop their self-confidence and practical and marketable skills. Supporting our nations greatest assets to freedom resulted in these veterans’ abilities to help themselves and support their families.

His passion grew and recently, John started an all volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit that accepted non-monetary donations that went directly to wounded service members in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. John initiated military appreciation nights with local restaurants and attendees donated nonperishable goods, household supplies, and during the holidays, children’s toys and clothes. These campaigns and events have collected thousands of pounds of goods from local communities and sent them directly to those who need them the most. Some families have been helped with diapers, grocery store gift cards, or assistance with gas or electric bills.

John’s non-profit gives over 85% of all donations directly to those in need—without waiting-lists, paperwork, or bureaucracy. This is only possible because John and the all others at USASOA work without remuneration.

John has dedicated his life to supporting our service members. However, as his reputation for commitment and follow-through has grown, he is no longer able to maintain a full-time landscaping business while responding to veterans’ needs in the community. So, one month ago, John decided to put all of his effort into USASOA. He is gradually exiting the landscaping business to follow his real passion: support our nation’s wounded service members as part of the all-volunteer non-profit.

John deserves to follow his passion and he deserves to be able to support those wounded services members in a way very few others do—with direct and immediate support when needed most. John realizes that those who remain bedridden or tasked with physical therapy for the rest of their lives do not get to make the choice to quit or to stop fighting. John’s mission is to provide the quickest support when and where it is needed the most.

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