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Jolie is devoted to ensuring that families who have experienced infant or pregnancy loss are supported. 1 in 4 women experience this type of loss but yet many feel alone. Jolie is committed to ensuring that they understand they have resources and others to support them

To continue to spread the word and ensure that women are not alone in their loss and to provide a continuum of care throughout their grief journeys.

Jolie's nonprofit was started in Nebraska but has supported families across the nation with care packages, doula support, financial support, and counseling.

I admire that she was able to take the worst experience of her life and turn it into something positive.

$50,000 would be huge for No Footprint Too Small and would allow the mission of the organization to continue. It is expensive to send out care packages and the money would fund that core aspect.

Jolie works endlessly and tirelessly to ensure that these families are supported and works a full time job along with being a mother of 2 and a wife. She is the most deserving person I know.

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