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Joseph Fisher

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December 28th, 2016


First Generation College Bound






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“First family member to earn college diploma, he never forgot where he came from.”

Looking over his shoulder when Joe finished his race, he saw many others who hadn't even started. Born in Washington, DC's housing projects into a family of ten, he was the sole family member who attended college. His parents had not finished high school. It was upon graduation that he realized only with the encouragement and generosity of others had he reached the finish line. He never forgot. Hanging up his track spikes, the All-American athlete assumed the mantel of teacher and returned to the housing projects outside Washington to lift others up. He vowed to help others follow in his footsteps and for 25 years aided low and moderate income youths form the discipline while he provided the resources to go to college. How do you test well? What forms do you need? How can I afford college? Starting in his dining room after teaching middle school he set about to help others. Volunteers of First Generation College Bound, a non-profit he founded, walked the streets to sell hope to the community with after school homework clubs overseen by like minded teachers. What Joe saw as a personal responsibility has enabled over 2,000 disadvantaged children attend college. More than 600 have graduated. Currently over 1,000 elementary and high school students expect to be the first generation to attend college. All because a man never forgot his roots.