Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Josh Sams

Date Added

October 8th, 2015


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“His spirit and courage are worthy of recognition. ”

Cpl. Josh Sams was on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan when he suffered a life changing accident. While leading his men though mine infested territory he hit an IED and was the victim of a massive explosion. He was immediately flown to Germany for life saving surgeries and stabilization. He lost both legs and suffered irreversible damage to his digestive system and several organs. He was 2 weeks away from coming home for good. His courage and determination through his rehabilitation has been nothing sort of amazing. After a year+ recovery he has regained his strength to walk and go about his life. He continues to boat, fish, hunt, lift weights, just like he did before his injury. He maintains a positive attitude that not many people would have in his situation. He makes the most of his situation and never complains, although his life is much tougher now. His wife recently left him and they are now divorced. His spirit and courage are worthy of recognition.