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Joshua Lee Ragan

Date Added

November 8th, 2016


Give Kids the World Village






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“Only living survivor in the world of his type of cancer”

Joshua was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma at 5 yrs old....it re occured at age 7 which is a death sentence...he had 27 rounds of Chemo, radiation, several surgeries and the final one to remove his right eye orbit...at 7 years old he weighed 23 lbs....he bled, he puked, fought... and for 5 years this endured......he is the youngest person to have an abdominal flap reconstruction to the face, and the only living person to survive a re occurance of Rhabdo. in the entire world..that was 19 years ago....to this day they use his slides to teach med students at Winston Salem Baptist Hospital /Brenner Childrens Hospital and his case prompted his pathologist to write a book on Rhabdomyosarcoma.....His facial scars and omission of his right eye was hard to deal with as a small child in school but he bravely wore an eye patch until middle school s first day when he said....This is my face...I am not wearing that patch ever again".....so brave....HE is an advocate for other children dealing with cancer to this day and his experience with Make a Wish is one of the high lites of his life..he still talks about it to this day...he would be proud to be able to present this gift to Give Kids the World Village there by Disney as this is the place that Make a Wish host the kids coming to Disney for their Make a Wish trips.....when we were there we were able to meet Henri Landwirth and talk with him....with this gift we can be sure more children get to have this experience....Thank you for reading our story and considering us