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Julie is the leader the Attachment and Trauma Network (ATN). Under her leadership this volunteer network of parents and professionals provides tangible and emotional resources to parents of traumatized children. ATN is recognized by national professional communities as an expert source for information, advocacy, and support.

On her own Julie:
- Has worked to change or enact state and federal legislation
- She provides expert testimony to school systems on the special needs of children who suffered extreme abuse and neglect in early childhood.
- She organizes national events for the awareness of how important it is to foster early childhood development and nurturing while also working to give visibility to the fact a significant number of the mentally ill and incarcerated adults of today were traumatized as children.
- Organizes nation online educational events for parents and professionals

Julie inspires and leads a national group of volunteers who have testified before congressional sub committees, won national awards for their efforts, and speak as subject matter experts at national educational events. Through education and advocacy ATN works to prevent things like:
- The disruption of adoptions (Child placed BACK in foster care)
- Misidentifying learning and mental health issues in children
- Ineffective or even unknowingly harmful parenting and teaching techniques for hurt children

Most importantly ATN, under Julie's leadership, works to heal families who are living through critical events like:
- adopting an abused child
- caring for a developing child with severe and chronic medical issues
- the kinship placement (foster care by a relative) of an emotionally disturbed child
- working to breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect in teenage parent
Julie's goal is to simply help loving parents produce healthy children who have put a horrific past behind them.

Julie does all of this without taking a pay check, seeking notoriety, or personal gain. As a leader she has the vision, the passion, and the wisdom to inspire others to make the improbably a reality.

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