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Kara has always been a positive energy force, cancer did not stop that. She used it as a catapult to grow stronger and bring out the positive in every person she meets. Her journey is one of strength and selflessness. She is truly a hero and inspiration.

Kara wants every woman to always feel beautiful both inside and out, no matter what the situation. To learn to fight the battle with a smile and some accessories.

At such a young age, Kara went through what most woman couldn't. She proved that if you tell yourself you feel good and keep positive, then positive will come back in return.

The real question is, what DON'T I admire about Kara. The answer is nothing. I love everything about this girl and her spirit.

Kara's charity makes "pretty packages" These are small packages of tiny boxing gloves, makeup, nail polish and other small accessories to let women know that while fighting the cancer battle, if you feel good on the outside, it helps all around. $50k would be a lot of packages and I personally know how much they mean to those who receive them.

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