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Three and one-half years ago on the day before Thanksgiving, I woke up without the knowledge that life as I knew it was about to change in ways that I could never imagine.

That Wednesday morning started out like any other day. I got my kids ready for school. My daughter Morgan, and son Logan had half days. My son Luke, did not have school that day, so he stayed at home with me. I told him that he was going on an airplane ride and spending Thanksgiving in Safford with his dad. Unclothed, he jumped up and down cheerfully announcing “yeah I LOVE THANKSGIVING!”

Later that day my child care provider got all the kids ready to go to Falcon Field airport in Mesa, AZ for their flight to Safford. I hugged and kissed my kids goodbye for the last time. Their private plane, a Turbine Rockwell Commander, took off in the darkness…. They were airborne for 6 minutes and then they were gone. In the darkness the aircraft impacted the Superstition Mountain near Apache Junction, which is literally in my back yard.

Lives lost,

Russel Hardy 31- Pilot
Joseph Hardwick 22 -Mechanic
Shawn Perry 39 -
Morgan Perry 9
Logan Perry 8,
Luke Perry 6.

MORGAN LEIGH PERRY 02.24.02 – 11.23.11

My sweet little Morgan, every single night when I tucked you into bed I would ask if you were my little angel. You always told me “Yes!” Now I know that you really are. No more seizures in heaven sweet child. I can still hear you singing beautiful songs and, yes, you were amazing just the way you are. Morgan, you endured so much and displayed so much strength in your short time on this Earth. I love you forever and will never forget the lessons you taught me. Bye, bye butterfly.

LOGAN JAY PERRY 10.31.03 – 11.23.11

My dear son, Logi Bear, what an amazing eight years we had together! I would not have missed it for anything. You little man, were the love of my life, and I will never forget you. I’ll bet the movies, popcorn, and “snack” in heaven are pretty cool.

LUKE DEVON PERRY 06.19.05 – 11.23.11

You were my little man, a protective mama’s boy who loved to grab my face and kiss me on the lips over and over again. My sweet little man, I blow a hundred kisses to you each day in the clouds that you loved so much. I will always remember your big brown eyes, your sweet smile, and beautiful, pure innocent heart of gold.

There is nothing that truly separates a mother from her children. Not time, not distance, not even death.

Rest in peace my sweet angels.

In memory of Morgan, Logan, and Luke I have created the non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization “ 3 Wings of Life.” We provide nurturing activities and support for underprivileged children as well as Equine assisted Therapy and Learning.

Karen Perry

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