Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Keith Kirchgesler

Date Added

November 15th, 2016


Helping Hands food bank






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“A survivors tail of community service”

Keith has had 7 tumors removed some from his throat and some from his brain. In 1991 he was told that he might not wake up from the tumor that they removed from his brain. Fast forward to 2016. Keith has adopted the persona of Capt Seaglass and has spent 6 years working and volunteering in Skagit County. I know him from Helping Hands food bank. Keith volunteers over 500 hours a year and was voted Helping Hands Hero of the year by the other volunteers in 2014 and he was nominated for the 2016 Governors award. This award celebrates those with disabilities that work in their community. Keith is the lead warehouse volunteer. He keeps all the inventory fresh and moving. He also dresses up as a pirate every wednesday to make children smile. Keith is also dedicated to keeping our County clean. He weekly walks the highway and picks up trash and you will find him on many beaches picking up trash. He is an inspiration to anyone who meets him. He volunteers because he wants to show people who are disabled they can do anything they set their mind to. He has made this community of volunteers stronger. He also charishes ever day. On his 50th birthday last year he said with tears in his eyes "I never imaged being 50. I was given no chance to live this long". Keiths story is the perfect story of survival and dedication to making his community strong.