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Kelder has displayed courage in exposing herself as a victim of depression. The transparency she displays in her #DepressionChronicles social media series is courageous and inspires many who suffer with this debilitating disease to seek assistance and to prioritize self care. In exposing her own struggle with depression she is changing the way we view its diagnosis and treatment.

Kelder's mission is to shine by example, despite any circumstances that might seek to diminish and dismiss.

Building upon her over 20 years in broadcasting (where she touched thousands of lives with her relatable, down-to-earth personality) and. in addition to her #DepressionChronicles, Kelder currently works for a non-profit organization that helps opportunity youth become their best versions of themselves. Her entire life has involved overcoming obstacles to be an example of resillience.

I admire her ability to be vulnerable and fallable yet strong and assured.

It would mean the ability to continue to provide mental health counseling and other wrap-around services for the youth Reconcile New Orleans serves.

Kelder is a great example of the fluidity of the human experience.

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