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Only days old, Kim was found orphaned in a small Vietnamese village and through US and Allied troops, made her way to a small orphanage in DaNang. Fate would have her meet a US Airman, who adopted the unnamed infant and so began an amazing story from survival to well-developed leader. Growing up on a small farm in Wisconsin, Kim went on to be accepted and graduate from the United States Naval Academy, and commissioned as an officer in the US Navy. Among various Naval leadership assignments, she went on to be a military social aide to the President of the United States, and an advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs focusing on veteran reintegration initiatives. Kim left the military and co-founded The Dixon Center, which builds partnerships, shares innovations and connects those who have served through collective impact initiatives in their local communities. Kim recently became the President & CEO of Veterans Village of San Diego (VVSD), one of the largest veteran communities in America. VVSD connects America’s veterans with essential life-changing programs helping them to reclaim their lives of dignity and fulfillment.

Kim's personal mission is to provide outcome based programs and interventions for America's veterans and to ensure that NO veteran is left without the services they need to improve their life.

Kim works tirelessly to improve the lives of our community. She relentlessly works through bureaucracies to help improve programs that serve veterans, is a national voice for veterans issues, and yet spends time to work through individual veteran needs. Kim impacts people’s lives by her actions and her example.

Coming from literally the most humble of beginnings, Kim exemplifies that "never quit" attitude, attacks every problem head on and never settles for less than the right solution.

The $50,000 will support our veterans with a safe place to live, compassionate care for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and provide focused case-management in overcoming homelessness, addiction, and practical assistance in securing life sustaining employment.

A veteran myself, I am inspired by Kim's personal commitment to the community. Kim Mitchell's mild manner and stature gives no leading indication of the influence she is about to have on you. Kim is a selfless leader, with focused passion for excellence. Her very life beginning was heroic; she's been inspirational ever since. Kim Mitchell defiantly leads a rare life.

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