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Kristin is a natural leader in every circumstance. When she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she had no idea what is was and didn't realize that younger people can get arthritis. Although this was a very tough time in her life, she rose to the occasion and decided to find some good out of it. She quickly got involved with the Arthritis Foundation and began volunteering and doing everything she could to raise awareness and help others. In true Kristin style, before we knew it, Kristin led and entire team who she inspired to also volunteer. Together we all volunteer several hundred hours a year to help our community in many ways.

Kristin's main mission with the Arthritis Foundation is to raise awareness to the community and do everything she can to ultimately find a cure. She has embodied this by fundraising over $50,000 in just a few years to support medical research, speaking to Congressmen on Capital Hill to get bills supported to help those who can't afford necessary medications, and speaking at many local events to raise awareness.

Both personally and professionally, Kristin is a large influence. Many people have benefitted from the efforts of Kristin in all aspects. Within the Arthritis community, she has helped to change the lives of many by all the advocating she does. Some of the groups impacted by Arthritis that Kristin has been able to help impact are: children, military veterans, and other arthritis patients. She advocates on behalf of so many and has seen progress with laws being supported in favor of those living with Arthritis.

I admire her courage, drive, passion, and leadership. Kristin can inspire and build a team of supporters like no one else can. People naturally follow her and she uses that strength for good. It is so impressive to see all the good that has gone back into the community all because of Kristin's inspiration. She could have been so discouraged at what this disease did to her, but she found the courage to find good in it and bring everyone on the journey with her.

Advocacy - People with arthritis face unique barriers to care: high costs of treatment, difficulty accessing medications, scarcity of specialists and more. It’s hard for any individual to fight the battle alone. But through our effective and committed advocacy network, the Arthritis Foundation is working to address key issues on both the state and federal levels with lawmakers, insurers and regulators, helping ease people’s burdens. Research -Science holds the key to finding better treatments and one day a cure for the more than 50 million Americans with arthritis and related diseases. On their behalf, the Arthritis Foundation continues to lead and fund cutting-edge scientific investigation to discover more about arthritis – what causes it, what affects it, what can stop it – and what can keep it from developing in the first place. Support - The Arthritis Foundation is expanding our reach to assist even more people with arthritis. We offer trusted information, powerful health tracking tools and ways to connect with others. Juvenile Arthritis - The needs of families living with juvenile arthritis (JA) are unique and urgent. In the United States, an estimated 300,000 children have JA or other rheumatic conditions. Multiply that by their parents, siblings, extended family and others, and the number of people affected is astronomical. For almost seven decades, the Arthritis Foundation has upheld our unwavering promise to assist them and their caregivers. We’re boldly leading the JA fight, ensuring easy access to life-changing resources, community and care.

Kristin does amazing work for the Arthritis Foundation, but what is so impressive is how she has inspired and involved so many others to do good for the community as well. So many charities in our community have benefitted because of the inspiration of Kristin including: Homeless shelters, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer Foundations, and Children's Hospitals, just to name a few.

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