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Laura Leigh

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May 26th, 2015


Wild Horse Education


Courage Winner




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“A Voice for Those Who Cannot Speak”

Laura Leigh created Wild Horse Education five years ago, to educate the public about what is happening to our wild horses and burros in the west. She has worked with other well-known organizations, learning and gaining ground for the animals and groups but, slowed by the bureaucracy and politics of larger groups, she ultimately found a far more effective and successful way to work for the mustangs -out alone on the range.

One day she observed a roundup and witnessed foals that were run so far and to the point that their tiny hoofs fell off and they died. This changed her life forever. She dropped everything that was going on in her life, to fight for the mustangs. She vowed to the one's that lost their lives that she would do everything in her power to save the ones remaining. From then on she has been documenting roundups through photographs and videos, which has led to many court cases on humane handling.

She's a one-woman army who fights day and night to keep wild mustangs and burros free and protected and in the wild. While we are reading all these stories from the relative comfort of our homes and offices, most days, Laura's out in her truck running the range somewhere in Nevada West, putting 50,000-100,000 miles on her truck every single year. She has attended far more roundups than any other wild horse advocate and has the single largest archive of documentation on wild horse roundups in the world, including our government agencies. Her documentation has been used in many international news broadcasts, (CNN, BBC, NBC to name a few) and has been instrumental in at least eight major legal successes. Laura has acted as both the Main Witness and the Prosecuting Attorney in defending our wild mustangs. She has fought and won most of the legal protections that they now have and is gaining ground daily for humane treatment standards being put in place by governmental agencies. Laura has learned to work with diverse and competing people and groups first, many times having to do the work for them herself, and many times, as a very last measure, file lawsuits when all else fails. She is an incredible, well-respected, sometimes feared, advocate and leader in the wild horse world.

Laura doesn't live in luxury, she doesn't stay at fancy hotels. She lives a modest, almost nomadic life. There is no paid staff. She lives and does her work with donations. During one of the most heated roundups, she underwent breast cancer surgery and treatments, and then forged on for the mustangs.

This is a Rare Life and a Rare Woman!