Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Lea Moore McCarthy

Date Added

November 5th, 2016


SafeHollow Emergency Rescue Division, Brunswick, Ga






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“"Saves homeless animals other rescues won't take! ”

I am sending this in to acknowledge Lea Moore McCarthy/SafeHollow Emergency Rescue Division, Brunswick, Ga. Although I've only known Lea for 2 years, I KNOW that this woman has a rare story!
She is rescue coordinator for SafeHollow and Lea has a life mission to rescue, rehab, and rehome the animals who are special needs cases that other rescues won't take. This summer was a very busy summer and a perfect example of her exemplary ethic regarding saving homeless animals. With the help of donations and foster homes, we rehabbed about eight groups of puppies, a few dogs that needed amputation, several dogs needing surgeries and other medical attention, and many dogs were saved from Death Row at several of the animal shelters near us. We have teamed up with Animal Aid USA to send many pups up north to find their forever homes but we get no funds in doing so.
Personally, Lea is a single mother of five children, two of those being special needs children. Lea works as an EMT for the ambulance service in her town which means she's on call 24/7 and not only saves k9 lives, she saves humans as well!
There's SO much more I could write about the good that I've seen Lea do for animals, all without a second thought of how we will pay the bills. My favorite quote of hers is: "we don't have money but we'll put a fundraiser out there, we'll sell something, we'll make it happen".
It is because of her selflessness and her dedication to saving animals that we are able to help save so many, but at the same time, our vet bill from the summer is over $5,000 and we are drowning at another vet in Hinesville as well. Unfortunately, we are now on standby for taking in any other homeless pets in need as we fosters are all full, and due to donations being very slim this past year, our resources are tapped out. So, that's why I'm entering Lea's story. I'm believing that we can get that money, pay the vet bills off, buy medical supplies and medicines, and be able to continue doing what we all love to do... saving lives...one homeless, needy animal at a time.
Thank you for your time.
Michaela Henderson
Brunswick, Georgia