Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Letha DeWitt

Date Added

October 16th, 2016


Little Haven Farm






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“No horse deserves to be abused or slaughtered!”

Letha, my mom, is the most kind, warm hearted person. My mom, my sister and I run this rescue littlehavenfarm.org we are not yet 501(c)(3) so all of our costs come out of our own pockets. With winter coming on it is always harder. So many people dont want to care for there horses in the cold, or worry about hay. We get so many calls about unwanted horses. We have rescued and rehomed over 100 horses in our time from abuse, starvation, and slaughter. My mom has been saving animals all her life. Winning this would help us out so much, it would be such a blessing. Any amount of money helps!