Eagle Rare Life Award Nominee

Lisa Kennedy

Date Added

August 31st, 2016


Voice For Horses rescue network






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“Loving, compassionate, caring devoted volunteer and awesome woman”

Lisa started volunteering in 2012 at the rescue, she has given all her blood sweat and tears over the years never missed a day, and gives 40 plus hours a week. She is so compassionate about her job as barn manager, that she has even slept in the barn waiting for hauler to bring a new rescue horse in r when a horses is sick. Lisa has a form of MS and 4 yrs ago they said she would be in a wheel chair, and to date because of her dedication she is not, she has her good and bad days but she never gives up on the horses, Lisa also has a mental disability as well but she uses the rescue as her therapy and can over come any problem, Lisa does it all at the rescue, mucking stalls, pastures, cleaning trough there is nothing she cant do and is also a mother of 7 and juggles her family and the rescue at the same time, what a phenomenal woman she is, I could not be more please but to share her story she is a one of a kind woman